Fiume Fiumefreddo


Latitude and longitude 37.791962135029955, 15.233435412946415

A rare case of  river flowing from a plain, just 2 km long, the  Fiumefreddo river is located in the narrow coastal plain South of the homonymous town, from some springs that are formed in the junction area between the front of Mount Etna lava of  and the underlying substrates of sedimentary type, which have a low permeability. In particular, the Fiumefreddo river is powered by two sources: the first, called “Quadara grande,”  actually made up of a series of small springs that give the main contribution to the river and the second, called  “Capo d’acqua,”  farthest from the sea, with a less extensive width feeding a collateral branch of the river.


The Natural Reserve of River Fiumefreddo falls in the municipalities of Calatabiano and Fiumefreddo of Sicily, in the province of Catania. Area-10, 38 has.

Managing body
Province of Catania – Year of establishment-1984

Level of protection

Oriented Nature Reserve.The Natural Reserve of River Fiumefreddo is divided into two areas with different levels of protection: Zone A  or “Reserve” and Zone B or “Pre-reserve”

An information page with numerous news on Wildlife, Vegetation, the River Coast Environment, Submerged River Environment Marsh Environment, Quadare and Human Presence in the natural reserve is available by the metropolitan city office. It includes numerous photos, videos and drawings.